• Pond and trophy bass lakes
  • Pond lake renovations
  • Road construction
  • Site preparation
  • Land clearing
  • Soil conservation
  • Excavation work


The demand for quality ponds and lakes has increased tremendously over the years.  More and more property owners want quality fishing ponds and lakes on their property.

A properly constructed fishing pond or lake requires experience and the right equipment. Many factors need to be considered in the location and construction of your lake or pond.  The topography, vegetation, type of soil, drainage area, spillway requirements and end use are some of the critical factors to be considered in the design and construction of the structure.   If done incorrectly you will end up with an expensive eyesore that must be reconstructed at an increased cost.  It pays to hire an experienced land improvement contractor to do it right the first time.  Adams Land Improvement contractor utilizes methods and standards established and proven over the years by the Natural Resource Conservation Service.  We have the experience and equipment to do the job right.


Many of the lakes and ponds throughout the state are over 40 years old.  After that period of time drop pipes erode, basins silt up, trees grow on the dams and often nutria and beavers take up residence in the dams.  All of these problems can shorten the lifespan of a great fishing lake.

Most of the original drop pipe structures designed and installed in older lakes were constructed with corrugated metal pipe, usually asphalt coated for corrosion control.  The average lifespan of these designs is said to be about twenty-five years.  When these structures fail, they can cause the complete loss of the lake.  Dams often fail after years of neglect.

Adams Land Improvement Contractors is experienced in raising dams, removing silt, removing trees, renovating dams and drop pipe structures. If caught early enough, a drop pipe structure can be replaced without having to drain the lake and with minimal disturbance to the dam.

Adams Land Improvement Contractor uses state-of-the art GPS technology in the planning and design of lakes and dams. This technology allows accurate topography of the site for full utilization of the land area.

Our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. In order to minimize cost and ensure that the end results are on target, we offer the landowner different configurations of the proposed project. Prior to construction the landowner can be provided with a complete plan including accurate calculations of water level, depth, slopes and earthmoving quantities along with a 3-D model of the project.

When required, we can also offer expert professional engineering and geotechnical services.